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Are you blamless?

One of the traits of a “Man of God” or a church leader to be more specific is to be blameless. While we arn’t required by commandment to attain that goal it can’t hurt to try. I’ve started the study page here. Check it out! Please please please let me know if you have input on these things. This is an on going study and will probably remain that way forever.

You cant trade a goat for a better deal! or How I got Tribes:Vengeance for cheap

Tribes VengeanceI wish I had more things related to the Christian walk to post but as it stands the gaming news keeps on rolling. I was looking in to how much a GameBoy Micro might run me so I decided to check out what had for hardware. Which frankly is nothing at all. I just couldnt remember if they carried hardware and froogle wasnt coming up favorably on the micro prices. What I stumbled across is potentially one of those diamond in the rough situations.
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Destroy All Humans destroys all holidays

Furion AlienTo be fair ‘Destroy All Humans’ has not destroyed all holidays…yet. It’s only destroyed Christmas. That is to say that my self and my younger brother didn’t really socialize at family Christmas because we were busy Anal Probing our way to victory. Loving social interaction was replaced quite joyously with DNA extraction from throbbing human brains. Let’s just say that ‘Destroy All Humans’ is a gift that keeps on giving. Continue reading

Quake 4 Initial Impressions

Quake 4 ScreenshotDespite my disapointment with Doom 3 I decided to ask for Quake 4 for Christmas. Doom 3’s main issue was that it was basically a large single player tech demo. It performed horribly on all but the beefiest machines. Best I could pull was just over 30fps on a GF4 4200 128mb with the quality turned way way way down. Even on my mid-range GF 6600GT 128mb I can only pull off slightly higher numbers at 1024×768 with mid-range settings. So to my suprise Quake 4 using the same engine performs quite nice at the same resolution that Doom 3 was kind of crapping out at.

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I am the RANT-INATOR!!!

So Think Christian posted this a little while back. I link to the Think Christian article instead of the article they link because they do have some good comments on their site as well and I didn’t want those to be missed. This only comes up due to a conversation my self and my long time friend Raph had at Village Inn on Christmas Eve of all times and all places. I suppose it wasn’t so much a conversation as it was a rant by Raph with me nodding like a bobble head in agreement. Preaching to the choir as it were. Hopefully some one else in the place got something out of it that night. And I hope some one might read this and get something out of it as well.

Raph had gone to a “Christian” concert some time back and experienced what I think is an ever increasing unreality that Christians have a bad habit of falling in to. Losing site of the fact that we live in a secular world and that just because something isn’t all “Yay! Rah! God!” but is simply pleasant or good doesn’t mean that its bad because it doesn’t have Jesus or God or Messiah the words in it. The illustration he used made the point so well that I just have to repeat it. So here goes… Continue reading