Destroy All Humans destroys all holidays

Furion AlienTo be fair ‘Destroy All Humans’ has not destroyed all holidays…yet. It’s only destroyed Christmas. That is to say that my self and my younger brother didn’t really socialize at family Christmas because we were busy Anal Probing our way to victory. Loving social interaction was replaced quite joyously with DNA extraction from throbbing human brains. Let’s just say that ‘Destroy All Humans’ is a gift that keeps on giving.

The game has been released for Xbox, PS2 and Cell Phone. Oddly enough it hasn’t made its way on to any other platforms thus far. It’s kind of sad really. I could see it benefiting from the increased graphics performance of the Xbox360 or a PC. Sadly all of the Nintendo systems are left out in the cold. It’s not like THQ doesn’t have the resources.

The game it’s self is based on the old school campy sci-fi of brain stealing aliens with death rays, giant heads and even larger flying saucers. The main character that is a clone alien with a bad attitude seems to strike a chord. He’s voiced by some one that sounds an awful lot like Jack Nicholson and with the same sort of ‘screw you guys’ attitude Jack had in his part as the crazy angry guy from ‘As Good As It Gets’. Why is it that with the exception of E.T. it’s the bad tempered aliens that are popular? For the same reason that women dig jerks possibly? That’s a whole other article to be written.

So I’m sure by now you can figure out the point of the game. The thing that is truly interesting is that it sort of has a plot. I was really hoping for the utter mayhem and pointlessness usually associated with a wrestling/fighting game but have been pleasantly surprised and amused with the plot in this game. I won’t go in to great detail but in the process of finding ways to decimate humanity you find that another group is all ready tinkering with the silly humans. Of course your characters take on this is along the lines of ‘good more people to destroy!’. And for that I’m thankful. Had the game gone off in another direction and started getting sappy towards the humans who can’t defend themselves I would have had to shut it off.

Game play is nicely varied between two styles of play. The top down flying saucer piloting, abduct-o-ray flinging, destruct-o-ray smashing simplicity. And the third person shooter/platformer what with its head popping, brain stealing, human hypnotizing, anal probing complexity. While each of the missions you’re given do tend to lean towards one style of play or the other you are given the option to hop in your sweet sweet saucer ride when ever you please and pound humanity into submission. Or if you choose you can stand on roof tops and anal probe to your hearts content. Game play in both modes is completely with out issue. This is a rare thing to have two modes of play as flawless as this. There is usually at least one glaring issue with a game play style implementation. My hats off to THQ for pulling it off.

I’d love to go in to more detail but I don’t want to spoil any of the fun. Let’s just say that if you’ve ever had the urge to lay the smack down on some stupid humans. And who hasn’t really!? Then go rent/buy this game. It’s the most fun I’ve had playing a single player console game since…well…since Chu Chu Rocket.

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