You cant trade a goat for a better deal! or How I got Tribes:Vengeance for cheap

Tribes VengeanceI wish I had more things related to the Christian walk to post but as it stands the gaming news keeps on rolling. I was looking in to how much a GameBoy Micro might run me so I decided to check out what had for hardware. Which frankly is nothing at all. I just couldnt remember if they carried hardware and froogle wasnt coming up favorably on the micro prices. What I stumbled across is potentially one of those diamond in the rough situations. has Tribes:Vengeance listed for a mere $4.90. After the $1.99 shipping it came to a grand total of $6.89. I vaguely remember seeing the game having come out. In fact I believe it might have been released for some consoles as well. I was thinking to my self ‘gee this must be a craptastical game to be that cheap!’. So before actually going a head with my purchase I did some quick research. That is to say that I only checked one site. Good ole’ GameSpot.

So heres what I found. According to Gamespot(link to the game page) The reviewers gave it an 8.8 and the community reviews average out to an 8.2. I do recall original Tribes being one of those games that sticks with you. It does involve a bit of a learning curve and has some complexity involved and I think thats what made the game play so enticing and deep. Tribes 2, which I should bust back out, fell short on the networking side of things and also removed some of the quirks that made original Tribes so enjoyable which hurt the cause. That didn’t change the fact that it was still a darn good game. Here’s to hoping that Tribes:Vengeance can rekinidle the fire for Tribes that I used to have.

A bit of a side note. While writing this and searching for linkage I ran across this little bugger. Chocolate fudge cheese cake SWEET!!!

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