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Superbowl Funny

Bears FlagThis was posted as part of a sermon at I found it amusing and thought I’d share. Credit goes to Pastor Chip Bell.

Top Twelve Things Jesus Would Do at the Super Bowl
(one for each of the twelve apostles)

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Its so…micro!

So I’ve been blabbering about the Gameboy Micro in previous post and every 10 minutes verbally. At long last I have my GBM! It’s so rediculously small. Its also very pretty. I was bent on Mario Kart Super Circuit but Wally World didn’t have it. So I went with the next best thing. Mario Brothers Advanced 4: Mario Brothers 3. The cart has both Mario Bros 3 but also the orginal Mario Brothers. Making it that much more worth it. With a 10 hour battery life you get a whole lot of gaming from a single charge. Not bad at all for sub $100. I heart micro!

They should call it mmmmmbuntu

KUbuntuSo the old school Dell Latitude C610 that I was given by work had died a couple months ago and I finally had the brilliant idea to ask if they had any others up for retirement that might have the parts I need to fix it. Well I did and now its back up and running like a champ.

I had initially installed XP on it but decided I’d work on getting my head back in Linux. I had installed debian before but it required a great amount tweaking and configuration and frankly I’m getting lazy. Despite that fact I knew I was after some kind of debian. I had heard great things about Ubuntu and had even played with an earlier version at one point in time. This prompted me to give Ubuntu another go. Continue reading

The theology of video game ministry

TheologyI’ve heard a lot of questioning of video game related ministries and its really driving me nuts. Even our attempt at one here at the U of I has faced opposition. Are people really that dense? I don’t mean to sound harsh on those who hold this opposing vue but where in scripture do you find any justification for your stance? The most common and to be truthful the only argument I’ve heard is that it’s killing and its violence and its bad! The bible teaches love and peace.

While its true that the bible does teach those things and advocates those things those things are in there right next to Abraham cutting down opposing armies, the destruction of Sodom and Gahmorrah and about a thousand other acts of violence and death and the human condition. All of that so that the peace and love can be amplified, reflected and the power of our great God can show through more clearly. So the things that he does for us can be more easily seen. We live in a faulty world full of drinking, drugs, violence and video games. We need to be reaching out to those who’s fun and joy is found in these things that don’t reflect our Lord. So now the argument goes that we can’t take part in the sinful things of the world or we are sinning ourselves and video games are violent and sinful. Continue reading

God Gamers is GG ya get me?

Quake 4 ScreenshotSo another quick post. Think Christian put up another post about God Gamers. This one is yet another 1up article about religion and gaming. It’s another clan/ministry based around gaming that they covered and it seems to take more of the approach I would like to see the IC campus ministry go. Please pray for this new ministry as we are splitting in to teen and college ministries seperately.

I was also formulating some thoughts on the theology of gaming and game ministries. Unfortunately I dont have enough time to post all of that from here at work. May be I’ll get time in the near future. Check back soon.