Walk gingerly and carry a big spoon

Sesame BallLast night was the last night in town my buddy Brad was going to have free. Him and the other Brad decided they were going to take me out to dinner in a show of appreciation for letting them stay at my place. For those who don’t know I shell out way to much money for a place thats about one bedroom larger than I really need. So to give that to others on occasion is really not a big deal. Despite that they decided they wanted to do this. Many people were invited but only two others showed up besides the three roomies(Brad, Brad a.k.a. ‘the other Brad’ and Myself). So we had four of the guys from the bible study/dinner group and one lone girl. We had some debate between wings and chinese. The closest and argueably best chinese place happened to also be an all you can eat buffet which I think pushed Brad over the edge and finalized the decision. So we are sitting there eating and ‘the other Brad’ comes up with the brilliant idea of a challenge…

…Would you expect any less with a bunch of guys. Me thinks if Jenna weren’t taken that it probably wouldn’t have gone down like that. So any way the challenge is to get the nastiest thing you can find that fits in a single spoon full. The guy to the left was your victim. I made James eat this odd looking thing. I think it was egg and vegetables but it really didn’t look appealing. I had had it before and I definately didn’t recall it tasting all that great. James didn’t have much trouble with it. James made Brad eat a spoon full of what looked like thousand island dressing. Apparently it was some kind of dressing from the sushi bar that didn’t exactly taste like Thousand Island because Brad was refusing to eat it after tasting a little. He put it off for probably 10 minutes straight refusing to eat it. He finally did and didn’t seem to come off much the worse for wear. Brad made ‘the other Brad’ eat a dumpling. Which to be honest looked kind of tasty. Unforutnately I was reaching max food capacity and couldn’t eat any more.

Now we come to the moment of truth. ‘The other Brad’ asks if we allow mixing of things. James(thanks buddy!), with out pause, says “yeah!”. And ‘the other Brad’ jumps up and runs off. He’s seen shortly with an ice cream bowl but I can see the ice cream part of the bar from where I sit and he doesn’t go there. He returns shortly with a very small amount of something in the bottom of the bowl. Once he sits down and I can get a good look it turns out that he has a Sesame Ball slathered in crushed Ginger. I can still smell it when I think about it. Ginger is not very strong smelling but its a thick musty sort of an odor. One of those smells/tastes that just kind of sticks. But what kind of a self respecting guy would I be if I turned down a food challenge!? So in it went. Not bad at first but after a while the flavor started to get to me and stuck with me the rest of the night. I do not recommend it to any one for any reason. But I am happy to report that I’m still alive today. I was never in a frat. but I assume that type of thing is fairly common. I hope I never have to do it again.

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