Pow! Right to the brain stem!

RevivalI love how the Lord just sort of makes things fall in to line. The night before last after prayer and bible study over at the church my self and some friends went to VI for some dinner. As Christians tend to, and should, have a habit of doing we started talking Christian things. Mainly getting in to theological points and petty things like Lewis‘s intentions in writing the Chronicles. This of course was not particularly brain imploding but what followed as we got further in to the evening was increasingly to the point that we all were so mentally tried we just had to give up and go home.

Basically we got to talking about things that I have all ready put a great deal of time in to pondering and some truths that have shown themselves to me over time. Through our general talk of the issues facing current church and Christianity in general we determined that something needs to change.Our notion of “Pastors” is not exactly scriptural. Pastors and Preachers are two different things. A “Pastor” is not defined by schooling but in knowledge of the Word which is just as easily if not more easily learned through experience. Things like these were talked about a great deal and that issue is one of many that were brought up. We talked over these things for some time and that led to two things.

First that we need a change. The church needs to change. We didn’t have time to delve in to whether or not it needs to be a change in form or function or both but it definately needs to change. So that lead to the question do we need reform or revival? What we seemed to settle on is that reform is the most likely of the two. Revival brings to mind a short term shot of espresso type of reaction. Yeah its great for a short period of time and not only great but ‘super great!’. But then it dies off and you either gotta learn to live with the down time or you gotta get your self another shot.

Reform on the other hand is more like the big cup of black coffee that perks you up over a much longer period of time. One of those things that you can savor for a long while. The thing that starts your day or hopefully in the case of the modern church your new church period in history.

Any way getting in to those things can leave ones head spinning. Ponder some of these things. Look at the scripture and what it says and then share your conclusions in a loving manner so that others can grow.

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