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dellbox 360 vs. xbox 360May be I’m slow. Or excuse me for not being PC. May be I’m “special”. You can’t see me but I just made the air quotes as I typed that. It’s a very tough thing to do and requires some skills. I had noticed a week or two ago that PA(a.k.a. Penny-Arcade) had re-designed their site. Just today I noticed that the new site design is of a four controller console with curviture much like the Xbox 360. Uppon further review of the last week or so of PA news shows they have been possessed by the power of the 360 and it makes me sad. They used to be great at bringing news from all the different corners of gaming. I’m hoping this is just some phase they are going through.

This realization of recognition of the shape of a 360 brought back fond memories of my self and a buddy at works reaction when they first unveiled the 360. It has affectionately become known as the Dellbox 360 around here. I submit for you today proof that MS is still 100% new idea free! If you tear the metal front off the Dell logo the underlying plastic is green. Theres something fishy going on.

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