Post previously known as divorce

So I had put up a post previously that was a quick study of divorce. Basically I presented what I felt was a logical argument for divorce under circumstances other than idolatry. My intent with this study was not to try to skew the scripture to fit my agenda or anything of the sort. It was however an attempt to understand something that still seems to me to be very wrong. How can the God of the universe wish upon a person a relationship deemed unbreakable when the relationship may be physically and mentally harmful? How can this be commanded of us from a God who loves us? And finally how unbreakable is this bond of marriage if even God him self says ‘oh btw there is one instance in which it can be rightfully broken’.

My issues with this are, much to my chagrin, two fold. First is basic theology issues. I’ve touched on those in the past. My friends and I spent a good couple of hours debating the theology of this whole divorce issue. I had fun playing the devils advocate role and entertaining a lively debate. However, I fear that some in our group of friends and even more so that some not in our group of friends may not have understood the intent and purpose of the debate. I’m becoming more and more convinced that theology is a very dangerous thing.

The second thing that came of the debate is a better understanding of how God views marriage and divorce and that there are some things I missed in my ‘quick study’. Gods only exception to marriage and divorce is in the case of his response to the spies who tested him in Matthew 5. At my current level of understanding I have to accept that. But…there always seems to be one of those doesnt there?…I still have issues believing that God would desire us to be stuck in those kind of relationships. Leaving me with the questions I stated in the first paragraph. There has to be something more. Something we’re missing.

I didn’t sleep well last night due to this and many other deep things on my mind. I fear it may be a long time before I’m visited by another good nights sleep. I’ll be praying for the Lords wisdom in these matters and no doubt he’ll provide the peace as well.

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