The theology of video game ministry

TheologyI’ve heard a lot of questioning of video game related ministries and its really driving me nuts. Even our attempt at one here at the U of I has faced opposition. Are people really that dense? I don’t mean to sound harsh on those who hold this opposing vue but where in scripture do you find any justification for your stance? The most common and to be truthful the only argument I’ve heard is that it’s killing and its violence and its bad! The bible teaches love and peace.

While its true that the bible does teach those things and advocates those things those things are in there right next to Abraham cutting down opposing armies, the destruction of Sodom and Gahmorrah and about a thousand other acts of violence and death and the human condition. All of that so that the peace and love can be amplified, reflected and the power of our great God can show through more clearly. So the things that he does for us can be more easily seen. We live in a faulty world full of drinking, drugs, violence and video games. We need to be reaching out to those who’s fun and joy is found in these things that don’t reflect our Lord. So now the argument goes that we can’t take part in the sinful things of the world or we are sinning ourselves and video games are violent and sinful.

News flash! Video games are no more sinful or violent than anything else. Shall we ban chess then? You do realize its a game which simulates two armies battling for control of the other. I’m pretty sure if the guys who thought it up back in the day had had the tools to create a more realistic version of the game they would have. Or shall we ban pillow fights? Because thats us hitting one another. Or what about football? A bunch of guys out on the field to push and shove and tackle each other? I hope by now you get the point. The things that are inherently violent are not seen as such because of the spirit and mindset surrounding them. They are games. Friendly competition. This also applies to video games the same as it does anything else.

Our God created us in his image. He made us to be competitive, fierce and violent but he also gave us minds to control these tendancies and to use them appropriately. As we know sin snuck in and given that fact there are some among us(humans in general not just Christians) who won’t be able to win out against that sin. That leads to a small few who do very bad things and then blame it on something else. Video games take that blame as has rock music and many other things in the past. Lets not make a mistake by choosing not to reach out to a huge set of people who choose to try to fill their void with games and pass times. Get involved, reach out, show those people what love looks like.

I could probably expound for days on this subject but I think I made my point as clearly and concisely as possible.

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