They should call it mmmmmbuntu

KUbuntuSo the old school Dell Latitude C610 that I was given by work had died a couple months ago and I finally had the brilliant idea to ask if they had any others up for retirement that might have the parts I need to fix it. Well I did and now its back up and running like a champ.

I had initially installed XP on it but decided I’d work on getting my head back in Linux. I had installed debian before but it required a great amount tweaking and configuration and frankly I’m getting lazy. Despite that fact I knew I was after some kind of debian. I had heard great things about Ubuntu and had even played with an earlier version at one point in time. This prompted me to give Ubuntu another go.

I grabbed the latest stable version which happens to be named ‘Breezy’. I think there might be a badger appended to the end in the full name. I don’t know why it has such silly names so long as it works. And it does just that quite well.

I have some past experience with the linux desktop so I knew I wasn’t real fond of the Gnome desktop and much prefer the K desktop. So this led to my use of Kubuntu instead of the standard Ubuntu. Both are Debian based so either way my initial requirement is fulfilled.

So really the desktop is no different than the other million linux desktops out there right now. What is different is the over all design decisions made with the distro. Instead of some distro’s tendency to include everything and the kitchen sink Ubuntu has it narrowed down to a few key applications. This means the install is done from a single disc instead of a ton of them. This is one thing that Windows has held over most distros for a while.

The other main thing Ubuntu does really well is to include newish software. Unlike standard Debian that tends to have software versions that are a year plus old. Suprisingly KUbuntu came with 2.0 which in my humble opinion is on par with MS Office 2k3. Gaim is also at the latest version as well. Unfortunately the exception seems to be Firefox. I find this puzzleing as Firefox is the champion piece of open source software. Even the multiverse apt-repository doesn’t have version 1.5 available. The only thing I can figure is that they must be having problems making mplayer and some other pieces of software work correctly with the newest version. 1.0.7 is the version currently available and works beautifully with mplayer, flash and java. The fact that it all works is the only thing that is keeping me from ranting about it.

Being an old school laptop I don’t expect near as much of it as my desktop. This may be the reason Ubuntu is working so well on it. Or it could be that Ubuntu is just that well put together of a distro. Either way this is the first time I’ve actually fully enjoyed running linux on a desktop machine. If you love linux but just can’t quite make it fit some place you might try giving KUbuntu a shot. I think you might be suprised.

I just saw this blog with some awesome Ubuntu info and how to on it while I was getting ready to type this. Figured I’d throw it out there for any one else giving Ubuntu a go. Enjoy!

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