Superbowl Funny

Bears FlagThis was posted as part of a sermon at I found it amusing and thought I’d share. Credit goes to Pastor Chip Bell.

Top Twelve Things Jesus Would Do at the Super Bowl
(one for each of the twelve apostles)

  • Number 12. Throw moneychangers out of the concession stands
  • Number 11. Miraculously provide front row parking for everyone
  • Number 10. New ticket policy: “whosoever will may come”
  • Number 9. Grace-oriented pep talk in the locker room
  • Number 8. Encourage each team not to give offense to the other
  • Number 7. Command the waves
  • Number 6. Cancel all penalties for players who believe in Him
  • Number 5. Feed the crowd with only 5 hotdogs and 2 bags of peanuts
  • Number 4. Discourage any “Hail Mary” passes
  • Number 3. Clothe the cheerleaders
  • Number 2. Promote third-down conversions
  • and the Number 1 thing Jesus would do at the Super Bowl….
    Root for the Cowboys Bears

Sorry had to make a little edit. Sad but I think Pastor Bells discernment faultered there on number one. 😉 Thank you Pastor Bell for the chuckle.

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