!? :-(

So it’s about 2:30am and I’ve just returned from a very dear friends house. We got in to a debate over something I think should probably be at best very carefully taught and something which my friend feels should be taught every where all the time. This debate has some what disturbed me for two reasons.

The first is that my responses were perceived as being attacking and/or angry. I’ve run in to this before concerning co-workers and issues at work as well. If it were something constant then I could/would definitely want to look in to this and try to correct it. Unfortunately as it is this only happens some times and so its kind of a tough issue to nail down. In my experience with computers the only way to fix an intermittent problem is to either change the environment or change the thing. Unfortunately with a human being changing the thing can only come with an awareness of the thing. As it’s intermittent being aware of it doesn’t work so well. Which leaves changing the environment which I’ve been pondering all ready. We’ll see what the future brings.

The second thing that has left me pondering and slightly disturbed is this. What is most important? Speaking truth to all, all the time. Or omitting truth in instances where Grace might be killed. The issue at hand was one of missions and whether its biblical, or not, to teach other cultures our preferences as it pertains to the worship of God. As my friend put it “scripture plus”(preferences). I know the concept is scriptural but at the same time I can see this really killing the grace of certain people and groups and definitely causing debate as it did tonight. Now given some of our debate was due in part to communications issues but still the point is that it happened so easily between her and I how much more easily between others?

I guess I have some self loathing mixed in to all of this. Mainly because I seem to constantly fail so miserably at being the man that I know God wants me to be and I would like my self to be also. It’s no wonder God hasn’t seen fit to provide so much as a girl friend much less a wife. I’m going to keep working on it.

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