Adventures at the cube farm

So yesterday I spent 13 hours at work. Happy V-day to me! 😉 It was all worth it though. Some people know and some don’t that I had been slacking at work at the end of last year. While this was awesome from the stand point that I knew I loved doing the Lords work more than doing man’s work it wasn’t so good at holding up those things we are taught to do in the bible. I could bust out the verses but I’d rather you have to do the study your self. Things are more personal and applicable that way.

Any way what made this marathon of work worth it was a phone call I took from the help desk for a gentleman who was over in the U.K. on buisness and had a presentation to give in the morning. As it turns out this gentleman is the VP(vice president) and GM(general manager) of Pearson Professional Services or as the rest of the world knows the buisness as Pearson VUE testing centers. In short this guy is the acting president of the company. So I ended up helping the guy get his problem taken care of and it went very well. Long story short it has just turned out to be an amazing thing to see what God does in your life when you get right and start doing what is in his word. These things truely are the evidences of him.

I hope may be this little blurb on a web page can bring encouragement to some one some where who needs to buck up and start doing what the bible instructs.

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