Is it brilliance or is it YB?

Dead CarI havn’t the slightest where the idea came from. I think I might have been sitting at my desk wishing I could be playing with one of my Linux boxen. Or may be it just happens if I drink enough Yerba Mate? I was pondering the total amount of bandwidth taken when running an apt-get update. Then I started trying to do some math as to how much bandwidth the apt repo sites must be pushing. My mind was boggled. You know that fuzzy conceptual place that most of your world takes on when you’re drunk? Well hopefully most of you don’t but its kind of like that. Where the idea is kind of in your brain but you just cant quite grasp it. Yeah thats the kind of numbers I was coming up with. I knew they were huge, kind of muddled and I just couldn’t quite grasp it. So then I got to thinking about having to serve up some media for the VGP websites and I was thinking bittorrent would be a good way to reduce the amount of bandwidth required to serve up the media. And so it culminated in my head. Why dont the apt repos in debian/ubuntu/apt-rpm/every one integrate a form of bittorrent for package management? May be theres some good technical reason I missed.

On a whole other note my car died friday night. Kind of Ironic since Pastor on Wed. nights had been going over trouble and why its been brought our way and how to deal with it. I took it as a good opertunity to exercise joy and peace in a time of trouble. And let me tell you it is definately a time of trouble when your car shoots transmission fluid several feet from under the car. All this while I was late to get to the High School VGP party. As always Christ uses things like this for good. I feel it was a test of my patience and a test of my ability to be humble enough to rely on others. Just because I had to do it doesnt mean I had to like it though! As it turns out it was just a hose clamp that had let go and the hose had come loose. $40 in tranny fluid, screw driver and nice jumper cables later my car was back in buisness. I huge thanks to Brad and Matt. You guys are a blessing and true brothers in Christ. THANK YOU!!!

There was a ton more that went down over the weekend but unfortunately work once again is bearing down so I gotta get back to it. I hope every one had a good and safe weekend. God bless!

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