Grub throwing body shots

Punch Out

So for the past few days at work I’ve been spending time trying to get a server box up and running to host my own personal files I like to keep around. Like my ISO image backups of my work cd’s, mp3s, Gameboy Roms, ya know the work related stuff. I got a hold of my nice little GX200(866mhz) and a pair of 15GB hard drives to play with so I was trying to give my self maximum performance and space by making a raid 0 set. While it sounds like an amazing idea I’m now looking at having to recompile my kernel to include raid instead of using the module. Why then does the module exist if it doesn’t work!? The initial trouble is that you can’t install grub or lilo to any place useable when you have raid sets. Last I checked your MBR hung out outside of your partitions so why then cant we write it to one or the other drive to load the raid? Weird.

I was also just informed that today is the 20th Anniversary of the release of the game The Legend of Zelda for the original NES. Now you each owe me a rupee for reminding you. This creates a perfect time to rant and rave about Zelda games. Most notably is The Legend of Zelda: Minish Cap. It’s the newest Zelda game out there and its for the Gameboy Advance (or in my case micro). The game features some old school music the newish graphical style and all the elements that make Zelda Zelda. Every aspect of the game gets mad props from every one except for this new ‘Kinstone’ thing. The idea is that you match up these broken coin looking things with other people and it unlocks secrets all over the map. Some of them are just “Yay! Fairies for health, neato!” And others are actually required to complete the quests. Some people have complained that its to hard to find the kinstones. Bahwha!? These have to be the people who don’t realize you can chop bush’s or grass or simply won’t do it. Most people who play a Zelda game understand that cutting the grass and breaking the rocks is part of the game. It’s akin to a stress ball squeeze toy. And that results in plenty of kinstones to go around. I’ve got at least 4 of each with the exception of one or two quest required ones which should be real easy to find any way! Come on people get with the program.

The second Zelda experience I’d like to rant and rave about is The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords on the game cube. I’ve played my fair share of FPS shooters, four players, on consoles and generally it’s a ton of fun. So when the concept of Zelda multiplayer came around as a real possibility at this last weekends VGP party I was a little wary of the idea. Some how a 2d character with a very limited range didn’t strike me as prime for multiplayer. However I was eventually won over by the novelty of this portable game system attached to console thing and I absolutely had to give it a try. This required a little hacking on my part to make my Micro work in this capacity but I made it happen. I have to say that I was pleasantly and addictively surprised at how much fun chucking bombs at each other and setting each other on fire was. Even the co-op mode despite being painfully impossible to play with some people *cough*Sarah*cough* is still a ton of fun whether succeeding at it or not. I highly recommend you gather your friends who own GBAs or GBMicros around your Cube to experience this.

I’ve got some good scriptural and theological stuff coming that I can’t wait to post. Just waiting on some one to get back to me on where I can purchase my own copy so I can share it with you. Check back later to find out what’s up on the Christian/Spiritual front. Later!

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