/me slaps forehead

Sesame BallSo this is how my weird mind works. I stumble across this set of web pages. And I’m delighted to find information about such a fanciful idea as trying to destroy the earth. I mean seriously who hasn’t laughed at Dr. Evil’s attempts to do so. I even went so far as to start pondering a video game design to let you do just that. I was thinking something along the lines of ‘The Incredible Machine’ only with the end result being a video card bendingly beautiful destruction of earth. I mean why not? If some one can make and market a game involving building planets from random stuff all balled up. Then why cant I have fun destorying planets?

Then I really got to thinking. Isn’t this guy making an amazing proof for our God and the creation of the universe? If you read through all of those ideas on how to destroy the planet you’ll find that the numbers they come up with are essentially infinite. Even the “naturally” occuring concepts require 5 million years to play out…may be…I mean if, according to big bang theory or what ever the earth hasn’t budged in its supposed 5 million year existance then what leads us to believe then that it will in the next 5 million or 10 million? Try to truely fathom that amount of time. I mean really grasp it. Pretty tough isn’t it?

So we’ve established that the earth is impossible to move any time in the next 5 million years or so. Now try to imagine that such a large dense object which is impossible to move could have formed from some big bang and random falling in of particles. And that it happened not only for our own planet but millions uppon millions of other immovable planets in our galaxy and others. Some one whip out some math on the chances of that happening. Doesn’t that make it more plausible that a creator larger and more powerful than all that put it here and then locked it in place? At the very least if you are a true scientist then you have to accept the theory until its disproven.

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