The Proverbs throw down

Mega Man Head BangingSo Stephanie finally got me the link to the Pastors blog who put forward the challenge of reading Proverbs in March. I was challenged to take part in this through Stephanie’s desire to grow and learn. I’m eternally thankful for the challenges posed to me through the things she goes through. So any way the idea is to read through Proverbs doing a chapter a day. It works nicely in March. 31 Chapters in 31 Days. I probably won’t post every day on Proverbs but when it really hits me I’m sure I’ll be posting.

I also can’t keep my trap shut about Family Force 5!!!! I have trouble explaining what it is about Force Family 5 that I find so appealing. It’s fun its fast its new and fresh. They dont sound like any other band I’ve ever heard before. I enjoy their music so much that I even went so far as to get an Itunes account and download their new album before its available else where and at a some what lame 128kbps and with Itunes craptastical DRM. But its gotten me through many a day all ready. Just being able to have a few minutes to rock out in the middle of a tough day of work has made it worth it. Watch out these guys are going to be huge!

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