Cross MovementSo my new MP3 player is a Creative Zen Nano Plus 1GB. This has returned the tunes to my life and life seems so much better. Of course I started tossing music on there left and right. I hadn’t listened to any Cross Movement in quite a while so I threw it on there. As I was listening to the track ‘Holy Culture’ it just kind of hit me. We seem to constantly try to change peoples culture. My friend E was telling me about coming across this concept and that its kind of a bad thing. Trying to get the tribe in Africa to build a church and sit in pews to worship God. Instead we need to put the spirit in the culture and let the spirit do the work of changing the culture. You can see it in how Christ operated and I’ve seen it in my personal life through the change in approach we’ve taken with the Video Game Parties. The following lyrics are what hit me.

All we do is pray, stay, build, chill, walk the, talk the Spark the Holy Culture! Live, give, speak with meakness… week out and week in Spark the Holy Culture!

” Here’s the goals
Take the risk, light the coals
Bring the heat, flex the gift
Break the molds
Recruit, enlist
Fulfill the Great Commish.
And like L.J. said,
“We trying to Rock the Souls” 

Are you trying to change the culture under your own power or are you able to die to self to get in to that culture and give it the spark that will blow up in to a firey change fueled by the Spirit? Use your gifts even if they fit the mold of some other culture than the current ‘Christian’ culture.
Thanks E and Cross Movement!

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