Semi-Exclusive Dating

Theres this weird thing that seems to happen especially in Christian circles and with Christian relationships. Its this weird barrier that is kind of tough to describe. It's this sense that some how commitment is bad along with "dating". And so you tend to have this thing where a Christian guy is "seeing" a Christian girl but its some how wrong or impossible to specify or say that you are together. I don't know if its some fear of commitment or what but its so hard to move past that point. So leads to the idea of "semi-exclusive dating". I personally dont think it exists. You either have a non-exclusive relationship or an exclusive one. My buddy Bryce on the other hand begged to differ(jokingly of course). I was a little confused about it so I asked him to draw me a diagram. The diagram of what "semi-exclusive dating" looks like is below and is linked to the full size image.

Semi-Exclusive Dating

I really dont recall how it works but Bryce seemed to have a handle on it. Bryce if you read this please fill us in again. It would really be helpful! Thanks!

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  1. Bryce on

    Semi-Exclusive dating? it’s easy…it’s the stage that isn’t quite dating but definitely more than friends. you both feel an attraction for the other and would be hurt, a little or a lot, if that other person went on an exclusive date without telling you first, but you are still able to date others if you so desire because by definition it is only “semi-exclusive”. obviously the commitment of absolute exclusive dating isn’t there. this is a perfect stage for non-committal persons (like myself) to enjoy the friendship of amazing female persons without being bogged down by constant phone calls and the assumed mandatory time commitment that accompany dating.
    the letters stand for:
    (semi-ex)(D)=semi-exclusive dating;
    (ex)(D)=exclusive dating
    the progressive decline in distance represents the emotional and physical distance experienced at each stage. i am a firm believer in a progressive model. if affections or physical interactions rapidly escalate disproportionately to the amount of time and energy invested in a relationship a disaster is waiting to happen.
    tell me your thoughts…

    DISCLAIMER – this was a joke. don’t take me seriously. if a guy and a girl are that close without a commitment they can seriously hurt themselves and the other person. this can only work if they have an incredible amount of self-control, their expectations are the same, and their physical boundaries are the same…enough said

  2. Jessica on

    Oh my goodness….that is great!

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