At last!

Well here it is at last. A post. It’s been a couple months now and to be honest I’m kind of suprised that my blog hasn’t been taken down by wordpress trying to free up some resources. I made it through BCT and I’m more than half way done with AIT. So close to finishing this thing I can almost taste it.

I have to say that having you’re freedoms taken from you definately gives you a new understanding of exactly how valuable those freedoms are. Would I die to give others the freedoms we have? Most definately. Thats how valuable they are. It’s a shame more people don’t realize it. I look forward to continueing to serve God and my country.

Oddly enough the Army’s network is kind of secure so I can’t zip and send pictures to any one so I’m going to go a head and throw them up here for all to see. A couple are of me. A few of my company marching on graduation day and the BCT barracks.

Attention Renegades on the move On the parade field

At the Chaplains Museum BTC Barracks Class Bs

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  1. shawn on

    Good work dude. Things have been boring with out ya. No one to make fun of for using nano… 😛

    Also, with 1/3 of the interested people in gaming gone, its made LAN gaming kinda lame.

    Anyway, if you need more space to host images let me know.


  2. Matthew Hoffman on

    What’s happening, man?? Love the blog. Even though I have only known you for a short period of time, I am very grateful and proud for all the work you are doing for us.

    Also: don’t take this the wrong way, but you look damn fine in that beret.

    Drop me a line sometime, love to email ya (I got a letter I started months ago somewhere..)


  3. Cubical buddy on

    HEY CUBICAL BUDDY! Where the heck are ya?? Please shoot us (don’t pause type faster…) an email and let us know when you are returning and how you are doing!

    Proud of ya 😉

  4. SPC Veenker on

    ‘grats on graduation. It’s something you’ll never forget, and never regret. I’ve been in 2 years now and still love it.

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