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Ya just can’t buy a bonsai kitty.

So I’m sitting at work and it strikes me. What ever happened to Bonsai Kitty!? And why did I never make one? Well sadly the website is no longer live so I had to hit up google and the way back machine to find out. I did find a good site on what happened. Sad and stupid at the same time. Thanks to that old way back machine piece we can see what the site used to be. I’m going to throw a wake for Bonsai Kitten if some one else hasn’t all ready. It’s a sad day when a guy can’t grow his pet in what ever shape he wants.

Cup O Kitten

Robbed a George Foreman store and told’em make me a grill.

Ok so this is how things tend to go down. I get bored at work. I fire up ITunes and pick through the mostly revision 3 podcasts till I find something that seems worth while to listen to or watch. Now one of the things I enjoy is cooking. Most of you who know me know I love to entertain and cook. Especially learning to cook new things. My girl friend will also admit to that. I’ve cooked for her two or three times in the 4 weeks we’ve been going out. Which is pretty often since I only get to see her once or twice a week. So I find my self watching some ctrl-alt-chicken(cooking for geeks) and they were making some stuffed manacotti. Mmm…cheese stuffed pasta cigars.

So food was all ready on my mind. Lunch time rolled around and I was starving. I guess that happens when you don’t eat much for dinner and you eat dinner early. Then on top of that I skipped the morning time meal. Nick looks me up and asks if I want to go out. He comments that chicken or pizza would be good. Inevitably the conversation turns to how you could make pizza stuffed chicken. Oddly enough this doesn’t sound like such a bad idea. Pizza stuffed chicken just didn’t seem to grab the attention like I thought a dish like that should so of course you have to say it in a different language. So we return to the tormenta del pollo. This long lost beast of ancient past that terrorized cube farms from the east to the west coast. Bellow is a rare picture of the beast.

Tormenta Del Pollo!

If you’ve got a recipe for either chicken or pizza or both together then please send it my way. I love both and would enjoy cooking it up some time.

That time that you don’t work.

Ok so this isn’t much of a post. I just wanted some way to put up the pics from this past weekend so that any one could look at them. This automatically goes up on facebook and I all ready have the pics up on myspace. So here they are.

P.s. The pic of me and the cat. We were having a heart to heart about butt licking and danishes. The cat is now clear on who gets danishes and who licks their own butt. Pictures of the game coming as soon as I can get them off my camera.
Me and the cat. img_7039.JPG Kate and I img_7041.JPG img_7040.JPG img_7042.JPG

Heil binky!

Ok so normally I’m very anti-spam, anti-chain mail anti mail that isnt directly from a real human being. But my co-worker sent me this one and it just cracked me up so I felt the need to share it with every one. HEIL BINKY!!!

What happens if your dad is a graphics designer…


vamp baby

Rambo Baby

hitler baby

baby hogan

kiss baby

that one guy baby

kung fu baby

angry shrek baby

Holy Buckets Batman! A lot has happened!

Ok so I’m going to be writing this quick and dirty because I have a lot to get done and a lot to share. First off is the big news. Kate finally made up her mind if she could deal with the fact that the likely hood of me going away for some extended period was worth the risk of making this thing in to a real solid relationship. She choose in favor of the relationship and to take the risk with me and we are now officially b/f and g/f. I’m uber happy about that!

Second thing is Winter Wonder Slam is going to be in Kankakee, IL on November 28th. Every one I know from Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois needs to come with me to this concert. Toby Mac, Family Force 5, Hawk Nelson, The Afters…and some other lady. WOW!!!! and I don’t mean the video game. So hit me up peoples so we can plan this thing! I say we snag a church van and pile every one from all my friend groups including my bro and his friends into it for a road trip!

Third thing there is this new phone thing that I got a hold of. It’s called the Fusic(LG LX550). The thing is crazy insane. It’s got expandable storage via a microSD card. It plays just about every video format out there right now short of Xvid and some of the other super high compression formats. It has a built in FM transmitter, blue tooth, 3G and just about every other buzz word you can pack in to a cell phone.  And to top it all off it comes with data cable, 64mb card, and 4 different face plates for picking your own style. I’d link you all up but I really dont have time so if you want to know more hit up our old friend google.

And finally! just opened up pre-orders for the Nintendo Wii!!!!  Go reserve yours now! Don’t be a pud like my buddy Nick who says he’s going to wait for revision 2 or some crap. Get it ASAP its going to rock your face right off. Unfortunately I have to wait another week before I have the spare change to pre-order. It’s a $50 deposit on that pre-order but you can continue to pay for the console up until its release. So you can have it free and clear on launch day.

Peace out!