Holy Buckets Batman! A lot has happened!

Ok so I’m going to be writing this quick and dirty because I have a lot to get done and a lot to share. First off is the big news. Kate finally made up her mind if she could deal with the fact that the likely hood of me going away for some extended period was worth the risk of making this thing in to a real solid relationship. She choose in favor of the relationship and to take the risk with me and we are now officially b/f and g/f. I’m uber happy about that!

Second thing is Winter Wonder Slam is going to be in Kankakee, IL on November 28th. Every one I know from Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois needs to come with me to this concert. Toby Mac, Family Force 5, Hawk Nelson, The Afters…and some other lady. WOW!!!! and I don’t mean the video game. So hit me up peoples so we can plan this thing! I say we snag a church van and pile every one from all my friend groups including my bro and his friends into it for a road trip!

Third thing there is this new phone thing that I got a hold of. It’s called the Fusic(LG LX550). The thing is crazy insane. It’s got expandable storage via a microSD card. It plays just about every video format out there right now short of Xvid and some of the other super high compression formats. It has a built in FM transmitter, blue tooth, 3G and just about every other buzz word you can pack in to a cell phone.  And to top it all off it comes with data cable, 64mb card, and 4 different face plates for picking your own style. I’d link you all up but I really dont have time so if you want to know more hit up our old friend google.

And finally! EBGames.com just opened up pre-orders for the Nintendo Wii!!!!  Go reserve yours now! Don’t be a pud like my buddy Nick who says he’s going to wait for revision 2 or some crap. Get it ASAP its going to rock your face right off. Unfortunately I have to wait another week before I have the spare change to pre-order. It’s a $50 deposit on that pre-order but you can continue to pay for the console up until its release. So you can have it free and clear on launch day.

Peace out!

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  1. Rapha on

    A complicated girlie relationship? With Brock? That never happens, man!

    … also, what school are you applying for (Less is More blog)? Hit me up yo yo home doggy G slice.

    Also, I’ll be in the D to the port for thanksgiving, so you’d better come down. We can play Magic, since stupid Joe got me semi-hooked again.

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