Wii, shaken not stirred.

rabbidOk so this weekend has been a multimedia extravaganza. Several movies coming out, the PS3 being released this week and the Wii also being loosed on the world. Some may try to tell me I’m being to tough on my self but the bottom line truely is that I’m an electronics whore. Needless to say I dropped a fair chunk of change this weekend. What follows is a result of one great night followed by two days of general suck and ending in the purchasing of a Wii.

James Bond, girls, gadgets and cars. So Casino Royale over all was a good movie. Not nearly as spectacular as the last couple Bond movies. I’m going to tell you why. But before I do that be aware that this will be a bit of a spoiler. This bond movie is based on the idea that we are seeing Bond at the beginning of his career as a dub’o sev. In staying current with the times and technology this pre-dub’o Bond movie happens in 2006. While this is similar to the way previous bond movies have functioned it created a bit of a problem for this bond. In what I’m assuming was an attempt to identify with the movies viewers all the technology in the movie is product placement for the latest and greatest. This kind of killed the whole need for Q and the fantasy of super gadgets that dont actually exist. Isn’t that one of the main reasons to watch a bond flic? So thats strike number one.

Now strike number two comes in the Cars department. What the heck happened to Bonds cars!? They arn’t really in this movie. He’s seen driving a Ford at one point during the movie and the only other car you really see him in sits in a parking space for only a quarter of the movie and then he totals it. If I remember correctly they gave bond car with a cloaking device at one point. Call this strike two.

And the last thing is the one I’m almost scared to get in to. The lack of women. There are the typical two women, the bad and the good as there are in most bond movies but thats all you get. And while they are both perfectly beautiful women they fail at bringing the sultry sexyness to a Bond movie that they have in the past. I mean even the intro didn’t feature a single female silhouette. While I’m prefectly happy with my amazing girl friend Kate I know other guys who rely on those superficial means of gratification will be greatly disappointed. And honestly so was I just because it did remove some kind of flare, grace or riskyness from the over all Bond experience. Call it strike three.

The movie got a PG-13 which I guess I’m not going to complain about but it got it because they removed all the risky things that makes Bond Bond. The only real redeeming factors of the movie are the amazing fight scenes and if you’re in to poker the crazy poker action. Luckily I’m easily drawn in to watching poker for some reason other wise I’d be ranting about how terrible this movie is.

I spent better part of the day Saturday putzing around wishing it was Sunday so I could get a hold of a Wii. To curb my appitite for it I picked up Rayman Raving Rabbids. As luck would have it I like sleep a lot and I slept right past the midnight release. So I spent a good part of the day on Sunday running around town looking for any place that might have one left. Unfortunately every place in Cedar Rapids and Waterloo/Cedar Falls was sold out. I did manage to score one off of e-bay that is being shipped next day and should show up tomorrow. Just in time for a get together with friends and the holidays. Wii is about to get worked.

If I dont manage to post again some time over thanksgiving I hope every one has a safe and happy holiday!

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