I broke my Wii…

I know it sounds horrible doesn’t it? At least it isn’t something that requires a proctologist. Which is a real possibility considering the nature of controls in games on the Wii. I’ve seen some pretty serious carnage on some big expensive TV’s all ready. Luckily the only issue with mine is the controler. The tilt sensor isnt working and the plus minus home panel of buttons is non-functional. Luckily Nintendo has a 12 month warranty that doesnt require extra green very apple-esque minus the green. They are shooting me a pre-paid UPS package to ship it to them in. Guess I’m stuck playing game cube games with the classic controller till then. Might be time to get a Wavebird.

Broken TV due to Wii

2 comments so far

  1. moody on

    Use the strap! Duh. Dipstick.

  2. butteredbean on


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