Mole! Moley Moley Moley Moooole!!!

ITunesSo Apple makes some of the sexiest products on the planet. I gotta give them props for that. Not only are they sexy but they are functional much as I would imagine most models are as well. But Apple has this big blemish that I just can’t get past. I keep trying to avert my eyes but it’s one of those things that just sticks out at ya. It reminds me of Mr. Powers reaction to the mole. What I’m actually talking about is the DRM Apple wraps it’s music/video in.

The Apple store is doing well and has tons of content. So why are services like posing any kind of a threat at all? Lack of DRM. I can download what I want and play it on what ever player, computer, stereo I want to and not have to worry about being limited. Kind of like when I buy a CD. Do they still sell those? And now there is word of record companies dropping DRM on for sale discs all together. Thank goodness some one is starting to get it.

BonjourNet any one?(Apples own torrent for Itunes) $10 says Jobs reads this. Patents it. And it comes out next year and I dont see a dime.

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