Content Control and Filtering

Ok so here is the skinny. I’ve got access to some computer hardware that is fairly cheap and I’ve got access to and the knowledge to use some really slick open source applications. Putting the two together I feel I can produce a pretty nice, very user friendly content control utility. A nice little box that you plug in to your home or office network in between your internet connection and your router/firewall/hub and voiala! You’ve got a nice web interface for controlling the content that comes in to your network over the web. That part is easy. Now I need to know how much I should be charging for such a contraption. That’s where you guys, the readers of this blog, come in. If you have children or if you can imagine that you have children or run a small buisness or would have a need to control the content coming in to the web browsers on multiple computers how much would you be willing to pay?

Give me feedback!

Thank you for letting me know what you think. If I do manage to put this product together and put it out there it’ll go up on the blog first before anything else.

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