You’re NOP going to believe this!

Powerline NetworkingSo there is this technology that has been coming for years and years and years and now it’s finally here and it’s good and sweet! Originally they were going to try to get broadband internet over power line to every one who was connected to the grid. For some reason that never played out. Any way…Some place in the ancient past. I think my stay at MidAmerican Energy. I picked up a 1mbps Network Over Powerline pci adapter kit. I though it was a brilliant idea but far to slow for the types of things I was doing with my network. Streaming video, playing video games things that could use some bandwidth. So the box sat and sat and sat.

This morning I was poking around the internet and stumbled on some video from CES. This particular video I started watching because I have a big interest in the SlingBox. I was pleasently suprised to find that Linksys has taken that old slow networking over powerline technology and gotten it up to 100mbps. That is just sweet! All you’re networked devices have to have power so why not get both from the same plug? It just makes sense and now it performs like it should. It’s still a little on the pricey side but I’m hoping the price comes down fast. If they want to really make this killer they gotta get the adapter price in to the same range as your average wifi card. That’s going to be tough to do with you’re mPCI wireless cards hitting as low as $17.

Talk about potential(yes thats an electricity joke)! Whew!

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