Who are the faceless masses?

Ok so I’ve been doing this blog thing for a while now and I used to do it long before it had a name. Back then it was just writing for a personal website. Shoot I should have named it WFPW or something catchy like blogging. Ah well can’t win em’ all. One thing I have not had much luck in is really having contact with my audience. For some reason I rarely get comments and if I do it’s from some one I all ready have day to day contact with. So if you read this blog please,  please, leave me comments or shoot me an e-mail. Let me know what you want to see me write more about. Let me know what you think about some of my thoughts and ideas. And to all of you who keep coming back thank you for reading and I hope some of the writing has been either helpful or entertaining. Keep an eye out for more.

I’m in the process of moving in to a new apartment and making the transition in our work rotation as well as preparing for a command inspection at drill this weekend. So if I don’t write some time in the near future please keep coming back and checking I will write again soon.

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