Flipsyde, Abortion and the facts…stupid huh?

Ok so I was poking around on allofmp3.com after having downloaded the new Norah Jones album and I ran across Flipsyde. Flipsyde is something of a rap/pop version of Lincoln Parks rock/pop style. The thing that strikes me about Flipsyde is the amount of genuine feeling in the music. So much so that Happy Birthday caught me off guard and started me thinking on the subject of abortion. So, in true tekchipian style I decided to consult some facts and logic. But first I wanted to share the video with every one who reads.

Ok so its sad and everything when abortion happens. It’s also biblically negative. I can find you a million links and a crap ton of scripture references and expound on those. That’s not what I’m looking to do here. I’m just going to expound on some thoughts I had and who knows may be it’ll change some minds or at least set some minds in motion.

In true geek fashion I decided I needed some cold hard numbers. A benchmark if you will. Not so much of abortion rates and all that politically skewed crap. I’m looking to make a decision for my self. So I tried to find info from non-biased sources. I found some info on Webmd.com.

According to webmd’s time line of fetal development by week 4 there are more than 250 cells and a visible structure to the cells that defines all the parts of a human being. Thats pretty darn early. By week 6 there is a heart beat and there is a human shape to the cells. Webmd mentions “legs” as not being well defined. I little note between week 4 and 6 is the whole heart beat thing. We define a person as being dead when they fail to have a heart beat. We know that people can not have a heart beat for a period of time and that we can still revive them. So needless to say there is a little period of time between no heart beat and actually dead and gone. Doesn’t it stand to reason then that we should give the beginning of life as much credit as the end of life? Week 12 sees organs as well defined along with limbs and the afore mentioned parts. I’m not going to go on because the real concern/debate with abortion is when does life start. I think beyond week 12 it’s pretty obvious that it has all ready started.

I’m not really looking to start a huge debate here just trying to look at the facts. Looking at the numbers it seems anything beyond 3 or 4 weeks is killing a living human being. People get their panties in a wad over stem cells and the ethics of that and yet with babies and abortion we’re talking a lot more cells and structure than just stem cells. May be more people should be getting their panties in a wad over abortion too? Regardless I was touched by the message of the Flipsyde video and I’m digging the rest of the racks on this album. Lil something for your mind and your stereo.

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  1. Nickolav on

    The problem isn’t with abortion in itself, I think *most* people agree it’s not right (with the exception of a few circumstances). The problem is that the government doesn’t have the right to step in and tell a woman what she can or cannot do with her body.

  2. tekchip on

    ha ha there arises the conundrum. Where does it stop being her body and start being the baby as its own being’s body? Then you start kicking around self awareness vs. physical being yada yada and it becomes a big smooshy spaghetti monster mess to wade through. I really hate getting stains on my new pants.

  3. Nickolav on

    It matters not, the entire process of birth, up and until birth, it involves the mothers body, until the baby leaves the process involves the mothers body. The government at no point in anyones life, male or female, should have the ability to tell an individual what they can/cannot do with their own body.

  4. Renee on

    Are you serious? The government tells us in so many examples what we can and cannot do with our bodies. From not being able to have assisted suicide to not being able to use certain substances in our bodies to a plethora of other examples. I understand that this isn’t supposed to be a huge debate, but when you decide to spread your legs and potentially create life, you then make the decision to take away a humanbeings life when you decide not to face the consequences of your actions and have an abortion. No matter how you want to slice it, your body is no longer only yours when you are pregnant.

  5. Luke on

    I think as soon as the baby develops a brain (even a very primitive one) it’s a seperate human and is no longer the “mother’s body” and if she kills that baby, it’s murder at that point. I also believe everything can be forgiven, including murder, and there’s a difference in an open danger to society and someone who’s not really dangerous who made one dangerous mistake… The real gray area lies with the doctors who perform these surgeries… They’re like the plantation owners of slavery days, when they don’t think killing a child matters because they don’t consider that child a human, especially in the last trimester… Partial birth abortion is the most absurd, hideous thing that goes on legally in the US. What leap in logic does it take to think that taking a breath is what makes someone human? But many abortion doctors don’t stop there. There is debate that is pushing for legal age to be when they stop breast feeding. Yeah… So, up until they start solid food, they’re legal to kill. Sick.

  6. Erin on

    Oh boy, okay, an unborn baby, a fetus, wad of cells, whatever you call it is very much NOT a woman’s body – are you that ignorant or just that desperate to justify the destruction of the unborn? In fact some abortion advocates actually call him/her a parasite, which of course an unborn baby is not is not, as it defies any definition of the word.

    Someone above mentioned that the Gov should not have gotten involved, and it is true that the Supreme did not have the constitutional authority to rule on the subject. Any authority not VERY SPECIFICALLY designated by the constitution is VERY SPECIFICALLY left to the states to legislate. Individual states can and should vote on whether or not to outlaw abortion. South Dakota already has. They must be the smartest state in the union to exercise their power by obey the rule of law, rather than run-away Judges.

    However, those of us who recognize abortion for the slaughter it is know that it is murder. By law, we know we can’t/won’t murder. However, since many people disagree or are just plain complacent on the issue, the states will have to take it up as an issue separate from other murder.

    FYI Christians – Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate out there telling the truth on this. I NEVER EVER EVER heard the truth from any other “pro-life” candidate. Appointing Supreme Court Justices is not the answer. Anyone politician who says so is lying.


  7. Erin on

    PS Just to be clear: neither sperm nor egg are part of a woman’s body. I think of lot of people get caught up on the medical terms used to describe developmental stages of gestation. No matter whether it’s an organism, life, fetus, baby, etc, it’s a brand new human. Call it what you will, but a rose by any other name…..

    Pictures are often easier to understand. abortionno.org has lots.

  8. Shaena on

    Well I Honestly Think That No One Any Right To Tell Anyone To What to Do With Their Body. Is It Your Body? No!!! So Why Does It Matter?!? Its Not Ur Body Thats Being Harmed.

  9. Lanson on

    Why are you reverting it around to the Mother? It is the fetus that is the question. The fetus is not part of the Mother, it is an individual, made up of a sperm and an egg. The fetus and the mother are two separate beings. And the fetus is a human being, who has DNA, a heartbeat, and an intelligence. When the government restricts abortion, it is merely doing its job, by preserving the right to life for the fetus. Who does abortion hurt more? The Mother or the child? You may injure the mother, but you deprive another being of life.

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