Where God draws the line

Not a whole lot to write. Just kind of a profound thought to share.

We don’t know where God draws the line. At what point is a person truely saved? We’re told that we are not to judge others and on the other hand we are given general guidlines to determine if some one is a true believer. The bottom line is that God is the judge in the end and we don’t have a perfect line to follow. Some of us(Christians used generally) seem to think we know the line and others of us are not warry enough of the existance of a line to do the right things.  As I’ve said many times in person and on this site seek a balance between the hard(and some times psycho) right and the sinful left.

I wish this was a final thought that went some place or brought me to a conclusion some how but I’m still pondering and I’m sure I’ll get back when I’ve reached a conclusion. In other words think about it your self and check back in 50 or 60 years. Enjoy.

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