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Flipsyde, Abortion and the facts…stupid huh?

Ok so I was poking around on after having downloaded the new Norah Jones album and I ran across Flipsyde. Flipsyde is something of a rap/pop version of Lincoln Parks rock/pop style. The thing that strikes me about Flipsyde is the amount of genuine feeling in the music. So much so that Happy Birthday caught me off guard and started me thinking on the subject of abortion. So, in true tekchipian style I decided to consult some facts and logic. But first I wanted to share the video with every one who reads.

Ok so its sad and everything when abortion happens. It’s also biblically negative. I can find you a million links and a crap ton of scripture references and expound on those. That’s not what I’m looking to do here. I’m just going to expound on some thoughts I had and who knows may be it’ll change some minds or at least set some minds in motion.

In true geek fashion I decided I needed some cold hard numbers. A benchmark if you will. Not so much of abortion rates and all that politically skewed crap. I’m looking to make a decision for my self. So I tried to find info from non-biased sources. I found some info on

According to webmd’s time line of fetal development by week 4 there are more than 250 cells and a visible structure to the cells that defines all the parts of a human being. Thats pretty darn early. By week 6 there is a heart beat and there is a human shape to the cells. Webmd mentions “legs” as not being well defined. I little note between week 4 and 6 is the whole heart beat thing. We define a person as being dead when they fail to have a heart beat. We know that people can not have a heart beat for a period of time and that we can still revive them. So needless to say there is a little period of time between no heart beat and actually dead and gone. Doesn’t it stand to reason then that we should give the beginning of life as much credit as the end of life? Week 12 sees organs as well defined along with limbs and the afore mentioned parts. I’m not going to go on because the real concern/debate with abortion is when does life start. I think beyond week 12 it’s pretty obvious that it has all ready started.

I’m not really looking to start a huge debate here just trying to look at the facts. Looking at the numbers it seems anything beyond 3 or 4 weeks is killing a living human being. People get their panties in a wad over stem cells and the ethics of that and yet with babies and abortion we’re talking a lot more cells and structure than just stem cells. May be more people should be getting their panties in a wad over abortion too? Regardless I was touched by the message of the Flipsyde video and I’m digging the rest of the racks on this album. Lil something for your mind and your stereo.