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Game Free!

Mega Man Head BangingSo I’ve been around for a while doing the online thing and in that time I’ve come across some pretty fun and amazing free gaming. It occurred to me that I should consider sharing that knowledge with those of you that actual read this little blog. So with out further a due here are the links and explanations.

Gunbound – Think Worms meets RPG online. You play the game almost identical to the way Worms is played only with a different set of weapons and in a more anime style. The game is only playable online against others and it has an element of RPG in that you can win (fake) money and buy items that give you power ups and advantages. Once you figure everything out it’s a very very addictive game. I highly recommend it.

Albatross 18 Season Two – Online golf game with the same sort of RPG elements as Gunbound. Buy/Win items online to power up your character. Choose from out fits to accessories to get the winning edge. This is the game that Super Swing Golf is based on. Definitely worth a look.

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory – Ok so this is kind of being taken over by the new Enemy Territory Quake Wars thing so it’s now buried by the newer Enemy Territory Quake Wars. Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is still free to download an play. It’s based on the new aging Quake 3 engine which should be good and speedy on all but the oldest of hardware out there. You’ll need to go to the downloads section of the site to find the client software.

Americas Army Special Forces – Ok if you want to shoot stuff and you want the best simulation with the best game play for free this is it. The US army wants to let you play with their toys but obviously can’t afford to mail you an M16. This is based on the UT2k3 game engine so it’s a bit newer and nicer looking than its older Enemy Territory counter part. Rough learning curve but a ton of fun and satisfaction once you get it down. Very technical game play. Tactical Shooter is a good term for it.

Bomberman Online – I havn’t actually played this one but it looks pretty tight and is based on what used to be a retail version of the game that was eastern countries only. The fans apparently wrote their own version for free. I’ve never met a bomberman that wasn’t fun. Enjoy!


I forgot about Frozen Bubble. I should be shot. I’m no longer worthy to be called a gamer.

Frozen Bubble – Frozen Bubble is a free linuxized version of the popular and addictive Bust-a-Move(Puzzle Bobble) game that has been on almost every system in existence in one form or another.  It’s open source and free for all platforms! In writing this I just discovered Frozen Bubble now supports online multi player as well as LAN play!

A Gamer Never Dies

So I’ve only been back from training for 3.5 days and all ready I’m gaming it up. Not only have I played a fair amount of my gameboy micro but I’ve also managed to get my hands on my buddies Nintendo DS Lite. I have to say that it blew me away! So much so that I just ran out and picked up one of my own. The wireless capabilities that enable online multiplayer as well as the, soon to be in the U.S., web browser features bring that amazing blend of nintendo enginuity to the table. This provides a very solid console sort of feel to a portable device. I cant wait to see how it interacts with the Wii which should be out some time before the end of the year. It’s starting to look like a Christmas sort of release. Hey if you’ve got a DS let me know what your friend code is.

In other news I’m back to work and looking for an apartment in the IC/Coralville/N. Liberty area. Making that drive from Dport to IC every day definately sucks. It’s also distancing me from my IC friends. If you know some one who can hook me up with a place to live for cheap and for a short period of time(3-4 months) give me a hollar and let me know.

At last!

Well here it is at last. A post. It’s been a couple months now and to be honest I’m kind of suprised that my blog hasn’t been taken down by wordpress trying to free up some resources. I made it through BCT and I’m more than half way done with AIT. So close to finishing this thing I can almost taste it.

I have to say that having you’re freedoms taken from you definately gives you a new understanding of exactly how valuable those freedoms are. Would I die to give others the freedoms we have? Most definately. Thats how valuable they are. It’s a shame more people don’t realize it. I look forward to continueing to serve God and my country.

Oddly enough the Army’s network is kind of secure so I can’t zip and send pictures to any one so I’m going to go a head and throw them up here for all to see. A couple are of me. A few of my company marching on graduation day and the BCT barracks.

Attention Renegades on the move On the parade field

At the Chaplains Museum BTC Barracks Class Bs

The Latest

So I put up a post a few days ago saying I probably wouldn’t have time to post. Well I’ve found time, or rather made time. Packing is going much more slowly than I would have liked. I’ve got more junk then I thought. A whole lot is going in the trash though which is good. I think the whole hanging on to things I got from my Mom. So far I’m able to let go just fine though so there is hope for me yet. Don’t take that the wrong way. I absolutely Love my Mom.

It’s currently 23:43 or 11:43 for all those non-military time reading peeps and I have to be up in 7 hours to try to get ready for my two mile PT test. Argh! Why is it so easy to talk to Stephanie? And I love doing it too.

Not to much more exciting going on. The Lord is really providing peace in regards to this whole thing. I’m sure it’ll get worse as time gets closer. So far I havn’t had a whole lot of time to think about it. Peace out!


Army StarWell I’m not sure who all reads this thing but I guess I better put the news every where. I have enlisted in the Army Reserves as a Chaplains Assistant(56M). I couldn’t get work to give me a letter or some proof that I needed to stick around longer so I decided to take a $10k bonus and ship much sooner. I will be shipping out Apr. 11th for Fort Jackson South Carolina for basic training. Questions or comments feel free to leave comments on the webpage or shoot me an e-mail at I should be back posting in about 4 months.