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Semi-Exclusive Dating

Theres this weird thing that seems to happen especially in Christian circles and with Christian relationships. Its this weird barrier that is kind of tough to describe. It's this sense that some how commitment is bad along with "dating". And so you tend to have this thing where a Christian guy is "seeing" a Christian girl but its some how wrong or impossible to specify or say that you are together. I don't know if its some fear of commitment or what but its so hard to move past that point. So leads to the idea of "semi-exclusive dating". I personally dont think it exists. You either have a non-exclusive relationship or an exclusive one. My buddy Bryce on the other hand begged to differ(jokingly of course). I was a little confused about it so I asked him to draw me a diagram. The diagram of what "semi-exclusive dating" looks like is below and is linked to the full size image.

Semi-Exclusive Dating

I really dont recall how it works but Bryce seemed to have a handle on it. Bryce if you read this please fill us in again. It would really be helpful! Thanks!

I’ve got a fever, oh yeah, and the prescription’s love

What I feel on so many different levels put to words and some face melting crunk rock. YEAH!!!!

Family Force 5 – Love Addict

Hold up, wait a minute, put a little love in it

Doctor, Doctor, I’ve got an emergency
It seems I’m head over heels, a case of L-O-V-E
It’s like I’m glowing inside
Yeah, a light I can’t hide
And if this feeling is bad then I don’t wanna be right
What I’ve got in my soul gives me the highest delight
Oh yeah it’s better than drugs
In fact it’s sent from above, huh huh

Hold up, wait a minute, put a little love in it

Hey, Can’t kick the habit
Yeah, I got to have it
Yeah, I ‘m what they call a
Love addict, Love addict
Hey, can’t live without it
Yeah, G’on shout about it
Hey, I’m a symptomatic
Love addict, Love addict
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Cross MovementSo my new MP3 player is a Creative Zen Nano Plus 1GB. This has returned the tunes to my life and life seems so much better. Of course I started tossing music on there left and right. I hadn’t listened to any Cross Movement in quite a while so I threw it on there. As I was listening to the track ‘Holy Culture’ it just kind of hit me. We seem to constantly try to change peoples culture. My friend E was telling me about coming across this concept and that its kind of a bad thing. Trying to get the tribe in Africa to build a church and sit in pews to worship God. Instead we need to put the spirit in the culture and let the spirit do the work of changing the culture. You can see it in how Christ operated and I’ve seen it in my personal life through the change in approach we’ve taken with the Video Game Parties. The following lyrics are what hit me.

All we do is pray, stay, build, chill, walk the, talk the Spark the Holy Culture! Live, give, speak with meakness… week out and week in Spark the Holy Culture!

” Here’s the goals
Take the risk, light the coals
Bring the heat, flex the gift
Break the molds
Recruit, enlist
Fulfill the Great Commish.
And like L.J. said,
“We trying to Rock the Souls” 

Are you trying to change the culture under your own power or are you able to die to self to get in to that culture and give it the spark that will blow up in to a firey change fueled by the Spirit? Use your gifts even if they fit the mold of some other culture than the current ‘Christian’ culture.
Thanks E and Cross Movement!

Video Game Party

So I’ve been all kinds of slow about working up pictures or much of anything about the video game party. So here it is, finally, pictures of the event. We had a good turn out. Probably 50 people coming and going through out the night. 15-20 indicated interest in further video game events and close to that same number were interested in further Campus Bible Fellowship events. We even had a few interested in bible studies. Praise God!

Party attendees 1 Attendees on the other side of the room Old Skool Nintendo Ya'll! Food Table The PS2 Gamers Helpers Tanya in a hurry to package a prize

Sorry they are blurry and not the greatest but I had forgotten my real digital camera and this camera phone camera is teh suck!


So theres this weird ball of confusion in my mind at the moment. Its been forming for the past couple of days. Its interwoven with conversations with friends. Purity as it is defined in the scripture is pretty cut and dry. Until you try to mix it with social interaction. There is no amount of text that will ever fully describe a social interaction. You could write books and books and books for years about a single moment in time where two people walk past each other and give each other a look. Unfortunately this seems to be true even of the scripture.

This whole thing started with a conversation with E. She asserted that she had issue with flirty and recalling how to flirt. The question of whether flirting is wrong or not came up. The intent of flirting is to signify attraction. As I think about that I wonder if its possible to flirt in a non-sexual way. What action differentiates flirting from the every day interaction? Continue reading