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Shameless plug

Every one knows the guy who does nothing but repeats the latest popular comedy sketch. Or the guy who always smells funky despite being a pretty cool guy. Or how about the guy who can’t get a date to save his life for one of any number of reasons. Point em’ over to the and for that matter take your self over there. You might learn a thing or two you can use to help that guy out.

Wii Sports Experiment

Wii Sports ExperimentLike it or not Wii Sports has you doing parts of the exercises the game simulates and as such has you exercising. Shocking and kind of weird for most people I would imagine. This guy decided to play a half hour of intensive Wii Sports. He lost 9 lbs and there is definately a difference in the before and after pictures. Is this the start of a turn around for gamers and their image of laziness? May be but probably not quite yet. I’m waiting for full body DDR. Dance Dance Revolution combining both feet and arms. Now that is going to be a true video game work out. I give it a year or so.

I’ve decided I’m going to give this thing a try. I only have a TV input on my computer at the moment so I’m stuck with my 19″ LCD and video upscaled and kind of blurry to full screen to play. But I need to lose a few and if I can do it playing video games then that sounds ideal to me. I wonder if you can actually work up a sweat doing this? Between this and Brain Age on the DS I should be a well oiled machine.

I broke my Wii…

I know it sounds horrible doesn’t it? At least it isn’t something that requires a proctologist. Which is a real possibility considering the nature of controls in games on the Wii. I’ve seen some pretty serious carnage on some big expensive TV’s all ready. Luckily the only issue with mine is the controler. The tilt sensor isnt working and the plus minus home panel of buttons is non-functional. Luckily Nintendo has a 12 month warranty that doesnt require extra green very apple-esque minus the green. They are shooting me a pre-paid UPS package to ship it to them in. Guess I’m stuck playing game cube games with the classic controller till then. Might be time to get a Wavebird.

Broken TV due to Wii

Me = Energy Drink Addict

Ok so after many years of drinking every caffinated beverage under the sun I’ve finally come to terms with what I am. I am an energy drink addict. I’m not content with the plain old engineered caffine that regular pop provides. I’ve gotta have that and every other kind of caffine/energy suppliment you can cram in to a liquid beverage. So that being said here are my top 5.

  1. The king of all energy drinks…BAWLS!!!!
  2. Mt. Dew Amp
  3. Monster KHAOS
  4. Diet Rockstar(virtually identical to regular but minus the calories and sugar)
  5. Sobe Superman(Mmmm..hello again Mr. Green you Dr. Pepper wanna be)

Lately I’ve been trying to stick to the Monster KHAOS and Diet Rockstar just because to much sugar = super fattyness. The Monster KHAOS is like 70% fruit juice so its not all bad. Those two aside its all about flavor and the buzz! Weeeeee!!!!!!

Peace out.

The Latest

So I put up a post a few days ago saying I probably wouldn’t have time to post. Well I’ve found time, or rather made time. Packing is going much more slowly than I would have liked. I’ve got more junk then I thought. A whole lot is going in the trash though which is good. I think the whole hanging on to things I got from my Mom. So far I’m able to let go just fine though so there is hope for me yet. Don’t take that the wrong way. I absolutely Love my Mom.

It’s currently 23:43 or 11:43 for all those non-military time reading peeps and I have to be up in 7 hours to try to get ready for my two mile PT test. Argh! Why is it so easy to talk to Stephanie? And I love doing it too.

Not to much more exciting going on. The Lord is really providing peace in regards to this whole thing. I’m sure it’ll get worse as time gets closer. So far I havn’t had a whole lot of time to think about it. Peace out!