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Moving Day!

I’m moving the blog! The new blog is going to be found at:

The last month of news posts has been moved to the new site along with your comments. Most everything should be in tact there. I will be adding new features like polls to the new site for some more fun and goofyness. Keep an eye out over there!

Myspace = AOL

So I found today that after a long time of having had no new comments or posts on my Myspace page my friend from the Army sent me a message. Great! So of course I follow the link that Myspace sent me in the e-mail to my profile and then follow the link on my profile to the new comment. Simple enough. What I find in that message is really weird and kind of sad. It reminded me of a time when I joined a mass exodus from another similar service back in the day. Queue blurry wavy Waynes World effect. Dodalado, dodalado, dodalado dodalado…

So it was the early 90’s and AOL was king. All the cool kids were doing it and so was I. This is where the problem comes in. Something gets so popular that it can’t handle it’s popularity. AOL had this issue. Any one out there remember re-dialing for like half an hour just get an open line? Then some people decide to feed on the wealth of people online through various means like advertising, spamming and general crappyness like virus, worms and miss guided linking. That coupled with service issues drive the people away and destory the service that was so glitzy and cool. This my friends is the shambles that is now Myspace.

So what did I find in that message? Well the message read like this “..”. Yeah, thats it. Two periods. Those two periods were a link to a nasty piece of adware/spyware that does who knows what. It was sent from a legitimate account but I’m sure with out the knowledge of my friend. Crap like this has been going on at Myspace for the past several months and to be honest I’m pretty well done using the service. Facebook on the other hand seems to have gotten it right. Limitations on who can join and how the people on the service can access other peoples information.

I’m sure Facebook has had it’s fair share of technical issues dealing with such high jacking of its service but they have managed to control the influx of their users and allowed themselves time to cope and correct before letting more people in. Thus they have not become a victim of their own success. Let this be a lesson to any one trying to start a website/network focused on social interaction. Don’t be AOL or Myspace. Better yet don’t use either of them. You’ll just generate more crap that I have to deal with.

Macworld must have read my blog. Check them posting dates. Booyah!