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Who are the faceless masses?

Ok so I’ve been doing this blog thing for a while now and I used to do it long before it had a name. Back then it was just writing for a personal website. Shoot I should have named it WFPW or something catchy like blogging. Ah well can’t win em’ all. One thing I have not had much luck in is really having contact with my audience. For some reason I rarely get comments and if I do it’s from some one I all ready have day to day contact with. So if you read this blog please,  please, leave me comments or shoot me an e-mail. Let me know what you want to see me write more about. Let me know what you think about some of my thoughts and ideas. And to all of you who keep coming back thank you for reading and I hope some of the writing has been either helpful or entertaining. Keep an eye out for more.

I’m in the process of moving in to a new apartment and making the transition in our work rotation as well as preparing for a command inspection at drill this weekend. So if I don’t write some time in the near future please keep coming back and checking I will write again soon.

In Gear

Ok so if you drill with me or work with me you know that I’ve been sick. If you arn’t one of those people then you must be a friend or relative that I’ve gone wayward from in the communications department. For that I apologize. But you know how the girl friend, work, drill combo can put a hurt on the time management abilities. I’m trying to find time to fit every one in. Really! So if you’re one of those people that I am failing terribly please contact me and keep trying. I really do want to talk to you. E-mail seems to be the best way to get a hold of me. That or myspace/facebook. I suck at the phone thing for the most part.

So I was so sick last week that I didn’t make it to work Thursday or Friday but I absolutely had to drag my butt out of bed to go to drill. I fear the fedral government a little more than I fear my employer. I’m not sure if this a good or bad thing to have an attitude like that about. Regardless drill ended up being a mixed blessing. And the following is the good and bad.

First the good. I found out that my new unit is made up of a bunch of people a lot less grumpy than my previous unit. To people like Rony this doesn’t include you but in general the old unit was not the friendliest feeling place. Every one in the new unit constantly has a smile on their face and they seem to enjoy what they do. Very laid back. I also found out that the new unit is a step up the command structure. We seem to be command and control for all the rest of the Iowa Reserve units. Pretty sweet! This means we have funds to do cool things like take AT(active trianing), my two weeks a year, in realy cool places. For the sake of Op. Sec. I wont be letting slip where. If you really must know and you are a personal friend then feel free to ask and I’ll probably tell you because I’m really excited about it! And finally we have a chaplain who runs around Iowa so I’ll be getting to travel quite a bit for drill. There is a lot more cool stuff this new unit is getting me in to and I’d love to share it but I have kind of a limited amount of time to write.

The down side to this past drill was that I felt terrible on Saturday and got some sleep Sat. night. Then sunday with PT etc. had me feeling good but was long enough that the evil festering cold that I have just wasn’t going to give up. So alas I ended up to sick to make it to work yesterday. I’m still not over this cold quite yet but I managed to make it in today and not appear to be totally dead and gone.

The last thing I wanted to do was make mention that I have some items up for sale on ebay. I’ve got to much stuff and just need to clear it out and hopefully make back a buck or two in the process. If you’re interested and live in the area just bid away and we can work out the shipping cost on the back end. Click the image to be taken to the auction!

Hercules sound card       

Hit me up for anything. Peace out!

A Gamer Never Dies

So I’ve only been back from training for 3.5 days and all ready I’m gaming it up. Not only have I played a fair amount of my gameboy micro but I’ve also managed to get my hands on my buddies Nintendo DS Lite. I have to say that it blew me away! So much so that I just ran out and picked up one of my own. The wireless capabilities that enable online multiplayer as well as the, soon to be in the U.S., web browser features bring that amazing blend of nintendo enginuity to the table. This provides a very solid console sort of feel to a portable device. I cant wait to see how it interacts with the Wii which should be out some time before the end of the year. It’s starting to look like a Christmas sort of release. Hey if you’ve got a DS let me know what your friend code is.

In other news I’m back to work and looking for an apartment in the IC/Coralville/N. Liberty area. Making that drive from Dport to IC every day definately sucks. It’s also distancing me from my IC friends. If you know some one who can hook me up with a place to live for cheap and for a short period of time(3-4 months) give me a hollar and let me know.