Personal –

I’m a 26 year old computer technician originally from Davenport, IA but calling Iowa City, IA home currently. I’m a pastor’s kid who was brought up in the church and in the basement lan parties found around Davenport. I’ve seen the darkest parts of the human soul in my own personal life and I’ve found the light of truth and life in the company of Jesus, God. Christian, Geek, Gamer defines who I am.

The Blog –

The blog is just kind of an outlet for all the things I do. Some place to ponder the days events or to post my thoughts for the world to see. I’m sure many people won’t agree with what I have to say but getting in trouble is half the fun.

The Studies –

The studies are by no means a firm solid thing. They reflect what I know and believe at the time. I seek truth as God has commanded us to seek. I believe that truth is found in his word. I attempt to be very berean in my approach to that truth. Alas I am also human. I don’t intend these studies to be conclusive and they will change with time as my understanding of the subjects change. Please keep this in mind as you read them and use them. I pray they will be edifying to you.

2 comments so far

  1. Geeky Christian T-shirts on

    Hey I like the site you have here. I was happy to find someone else honoring god while staying true to their geek roots. I run a Christian geek and gamer t-shirt company and wanted to ask about the possibility of a link exchange with your blog?

    God Bless


  2. Kev on

    Just found your blog.
    Looking for more Christian Geeks online…

    –Kev (not the same as the “Kevin” that commented above).

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