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Rasterbation is good for the eyes

Take your dirty mind out of the gutter! I wasn’t born yesterday. I know what you were thinking. This isn’t about that other thing. It’s about rasterizing images and blowing them up really huge in chunks so you can print the massive image from your standard every day printer.

Some brilliant person/people had the idea to write some software that takes an image input of any size and convert it to raster dots that can then be blown up to what ever size you want. Then it spits out a PDF file containing the individual 8.5×11(or what ever size you desire) pieces of your giant picture puzzle. Put them together to get one massive picture.

The questionable naming of Rasterbator can be easily over looked once you see what kind of sweet large posters it is able to turn out from even moderately sized image files. It’s also free to download or they have a fully online version. The online version is limited in the resolution and file sizes of images it can manage so if you have big images or want to create massive images you’ll want the download version. Have a look at the one I made at work in about 2 minutes including trim and taping time.

Zelda Rastorbated