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At last!

Well here it is at last. A post. It’s been a couple months now and to be honest I’m kind of suprised that my blog hasn’t been taken down by wordpress trying to free up some resources. I made it through BCT and I’m more than half way done with AIT. So close to finishing this thing I can almost taste it.

I have to say that having you’re freedoms taken from you definately gives you a new understanding of exactly how valuable those freedoms are. Would I die to give others the freedoms we have? Most definately. Thats how valuable they are. It’s a shame more people don’t realize it. I look forward to continueing to serve God and my country.

Oddly enough the Army’s network is kind of secure so I can’t zip and send pictures to any one so I’m going to go a head and throw them up here for all to see. A couple are of me. A few of my company marching on graduation day and the BCT barracks.

Attention Renegades on the move On the parade field

At the Chaplains Museum BTC Barracks Class Bs