Wii + DS = Wiids(weeds)

Ok so I’m not sure who keeps up with the Wii and the DS or who did their homework and paid attention to all the launch time info and rumors but the revolution is upon us at last! Unfortunately it’s coming in the form of Pokemon games and a few components haven’t quite shown up on the scene.  So lets have a look at the latest developments.

The first thing which I commented on here. Has finally come about. The DS does in fact interact with the Wii. The first game to use it is the new Pokemon Wii game. You use the DS to call the shots for your Pokemon in such a way that your opponent won’t be able to see what you are doing. This should make head to head play more interesting. I give it only a few more months before the football games come rolling in with this feature. It does seem ideal.

The second thing that Pokemon is bringing to the table is supposed to be voice chat over wifi in game. I don’t remember where I read that so unfortunately I can’t confirm this one. I have been able to confirm there is a VOIP application on the way that will let you talk to your friends as though the DS is a cell phone.

Finally the stage is set for the return of the light gun in the form of an attachment to the remote control which adds a handle and trigger system to the remote. How long till this peripheral comes out and instead of just watching our character wield the duelies we get to feel the heft in our own hands!?

The parts that are still missing are a DS web browser, Wii mp3/video player and Wii’s online multiplayer games. I think the latter is probably what will seat Nintendo in either first or second spot in the next gen console war and finally put the nail in the coffin for the PS3.

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  1. Bethany on

    I haven’t heard yet if Mario Party will be Wii/DS interactive – but I’ve heard rumors. What I want to know is if the PS3’s new “Home” system will revive they’re already flat lined console. I’m stickin with my wii but “Home” does look cool.

  2. tekchip on


    I hadn’t thought about it but that seems like a good fit for Mario Party. As for the PS3’s new home system. There has been some extensive coverage on GameSpot and their OnTheSpot video blog about home including an extensive video review. The reviewers made some good points about how getting to things like your achievements by having to ‘walk’ to your trophy room is intuitive but slow. They also question the extensive use of ads on the system. I think it will appeal to the average user who gets in to ‘The Sims’ and even the MMO crowd who like interactivity and persistance. However I think it’s going to do nothing but get on the nerves of the hard core gamers that value their time for playing rather than getting to their numbers and achievements.

  3. Nickolav on

    At least it doesnt use Qtime 🙂

  4. Bethany on

    it’s basically a souped up chat room – but I gotta admit to my affection for Sims …. but it probably won’t help revive the PS3

  5. peter on

    what is theb point of PS3’S “home” it is just a posh chatroom (but it does look cool)

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