The C in the three

Some of you who are long time readers might be wondering why I’ve been posting so many posts just about video games and the geeky stuff and not so much about the Christian side of things. Kind of leaving the C high and dry. I’ll let you make your own red sea crossing jokes. I don’t want any one to think that I haven’t been living the life. So I’m writing this little address.

As most of you should know Christianity is as much about your personal relationship with Jesus as it is going out and telling the world about it. I think more so about the former than the latter. This being the case I tend to go in spurts  between my own seeking, searching and learning and my out spoken ‘every one needs to hear this’ sort of thing. I assure you I am in that introversion stage at the moment. Trying to deal with the life changes of joining/being in the military and my preparation for school at a Christian college.

So stay tuned because I’m sure once I make it down to Colorado at the end of this summer there will be plenty for me to write about. God bless!

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